Lodge Room – Large Bunk Room

These large lodge rooms perfect for families or groups looking to fish on Saganaga Lake and explore the boundary waters. They offer a serene launch point for exhilarating days of exploring hiking trails or embarking on scenic canoe trips across the lakes. Amidst the lodge’s welcoming features, you’ll find a shared kitchen, with a cozy TV room, and a lake-facing deck with a barbecue setup.  Each suite is thoughtfully equipped with a personal fridge and microwave and private en-suite bathrooms.

The sleeping accommodations, while maintaining an air of comfort, exude rustic charm. In these more spacious quarters, you’ll discover three bunk beds. The larger bunk bed is a double, with each mattress sized for two, accommodating a total of four. Additionally, two futon sofa bunks await, each capable of hosting three individuals. The lower futon transforms into a cozy bed for two, while the upper bunk offers a snug haven for a solitary sleeper. If you are traveling as a pair or smaller group, the couches provide a delightful private seating option.

While embracing a rustic aesthetic, this setting ensures ample enjoyment for families and friends eager to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Returning to a snug abode after a day of adventure, guests can relish a tranquil night’s rest while savoring enchanting lake vistas from the deck. It’s worth noting that during peak seasons, other lodgers might share the space. However, during quieter periods, you might revel in the entire space to yourself. For an exclusive retreat, contemplate reserving the entire lodge, securing an intimate haven for your group.

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  • Adults: 1